For want of a t-shirt...

TEE-quila Inks & Threads started out of a simple desire to have a ladies fit t-shirt from a club. Late 2017 it became a small embroidery experiment and quickly grew to a full-service apparel decoration and supply company. We are proudly family owned and operated in Calgary, Alberta. There’s more to our story but the best has yet to be written.

The Embroidery Factory

Who? What’s this? Well, in late 2018 the family that owned and operated The Embroidery Factory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada felt it was time to hang up the hoops. 39 years is a long run, after all. We ‘auditioned’ so to speak and were chosen to carry forward with the machines and phone number, and to be the new caretakers of all The Embroidery Factory machine files (or ‘Tapes’ as many know them). While we did not take over their business, we are ready and able to support all former Embroidery Factory clients and ensure they have continued access to embroidery for their goods. New family, different location, but same machines and number!